Autumn in Rostock through your lens

You admire autumn and its perks and cannot think of a way to celebrate it appropriately? We advise you to step outside and catch those beautiful moments with your camera or your phone. In the following article, we will show you how you can boost your Instagram feed with breathtaking pictures of Rostock’s nature.

„Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower““ Albert Camus

Although every season of the year has its own beauty, autumn plays an exceptional role in nature art. The trees are dressed in beautiful, vivid colours: golden hues, pink, rich auburn, orange, ochre, and ash green – a remnant of the summer. It is reminiscent of a soft carpet of fallen leaves that splattered the colours everywhere. The leaves are waving, dancing, entrancing and lulling me into a daydream sublime. It is quite inspirational, do you not think? This dynamic range of tones represents a myriad of opportunities awaiting you if you seize the day to take photos.
I want to share with you some photography tips and ideas which I think come in handy and might be inciting.

First of all, you should know your camera a little bit and how to work with it. Secondly, always take your camera with you, not in your backpack but in your hands. Some of us choose really heavy lenses or cameras that cannot be held for long, so you get tired quickly. Keep it simple, remember that many iconic photos were taken spontaneously and not with a fancy instrument. They are admired because of the photographer’s perspective and perfect composition and not because he/she acted as a camera operator. Therefore, remember that you are a storyteller. Having confidence and being yourself is a valuable asset to finding your own style.

The next challenge is to look for the subject of a photo and things that inspire you. Keep your eyes on the subject that attracts your attention and try out different photographic poses and techniques.

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to look at photos from famous photographers and learn from them. They could also have a great impact and motivate you to find your style.
Since we live in Rostock, this place gives us the perfect opportunity to take beautiful scenic photos and spend time in the great outdoors. There are so many places you can visit here. I have some suggestions that might be of interest to you (they are also budget-friendly):

Warnemünde beach is the perfect place to capture the sunrise and sunset. Such motives are not everyone’s cup of tea, so I suggest you take a look at the Rostock Zoo, Warnemünde Kurpark, IGA Park or the Botanical Garden. The glitter of frost or dewdrops from the rainy weather are always beautiful sights and worth taking a picture (not to mention that every day has its beauty and is worth capturing).

I hope I was able to inspire you, as I too was motivated to take an interest in photography and to bond with nature.

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